Signs of Inclusion: Inside a Behemoth’s Centre Internship Journey

Reading Time: 5 minutes Mariia Korniietska MA 2, Dept. of Semiotics 15.03.2024 Signs of Inclusion: Inside a Behemoth’s Centre Internship Journey In my quest for internship opportunities this winter, I stumbled upon an offer from the Behemoth’s Centre (Peemoti keskus) on the Centre for Semiotic Application’s website. I chose to go for it and apply. Little did I know […]

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COLLABORATIVE WORKSHOP: Semiotics meets Graphic Design

Reading Time: < 1 minute We invite BA and MA students from the Department of Semiotics to take part in a collaborative workshop where we put the theoretical knowledge of semiotics into practice in a collaborative manner with graphic designers. The workshop will take place: January 29 – February 2, 2024, at the Department of Semiotics. The week-long workshop consists […]

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Poster Exhibition: A glimpse into student research plans.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Autumn School of Humanities and Arts has always been an excellent platform for students to present their work and gather valuable feedback from their colleagues and attendees. Apart from the oral presentations that take place every year during the two-day conference, another option offered to the participants is to introduce their research with a poster […]

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Post-internship reflections at Hortus Semiotics Blog

Reading Time: 5 minutes By Tshinar-Kristi Shahmardan Hello there! My name is Tshinar-Kristi Shahmardan, and my journey into the world of semiotics has been as unexpected as it has been fascinating.  My academic journey began in the chaos of the COVID pandemic. Having finished high school during such uncertain times, I plunged into university life, which was as unconventional […]

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Reading Time: 18 minutes This paper aims at providing a critical analysis of the video game “Persona 3”, examining the resemiotization and intersemiotics involved, in order to construct an intricate narrative, and build a new world. The plethora of cultural elements, and mythologies from all around the world, in combination with Carl Jung’s psychoanalytic, and the complex game-play, provide a unique experience for the player that can be perfectly analyzed under the light of semiotics. This video game could work as an example to illustrate and explain different notions of semiotics; beyond that, this dissertation could be the basis of further research that will, hopefully, contribute in the field of Semiotics of Video Games.

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Reflections on three HUMA presentations by an online viewer

Reading Time: 6 minutes Tshinar-Kristi Shahmardan Using Digital Tools to Study Contemporary Sermons – By Riti Ly Lukk  The first presentation I watched was by Riti Ly Lukk, titled “Using Digital Tools to Study Contemporary Sermons“. The author uses a web collection named Corpus for conducting the research, which they refer to as “a convenient tool for research”. The […]

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Emma Lotta Lõhmus & Mia Riin Roosaluu XXII semiootika sügiskooli tuumidee sündis arusaamast, et tõelise ja soovitud reaalsuse vahele jääb alati mingisugune pinge, nihestus, mis kujutab endast äärmiselt viljakat territooriumi. Täna utoopilise või düstoopilisena tunduv võib homme muutuda argireaalsuseks. Kuidas unistada reaalsustaju kaotamata? Kuidas saab utoopiast düstoopia? Milliseid olemise viise võib ette kujutada, kui isegi […]

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Student Conference: “A kind of Magic. Interdisciplinary Visions and Insights of Magic”

Reading Time: 2 minutes Michele Cerutti The doctoral students in humanities at the University of Turin invite interested young researches to submit an abstract for the seminar “A Kind of Magic. Interdisciplinary Visions and Insights of Magic”. The deadline for submitting contributions is extended to the 6th of December, 2023. The relationship that contemporary cultures have with the magical […]

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