A Performing Artist in Semiotics or a Semiotic Student on Stage

Reading Time: 5 minutes By Shion Yokoo-Ruttas Last September, I found myself spontaneously being on stage, taking part in a dance audition for an upcoming performance project. I did not aim nor obtain the position I auditioned for since the project looked for a dance coach, preferably without any previous relation to performing arts as an art form. Nevertheless, […]

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Making Meaning with Morten and Martin

Reading Time: 16 minutes Interviewed by Thorolf van Walsum Though it is a pattern familiar to all those who have observed the development of many a young man, I account for my interest in Biosemiotics by placing it first in the context of worldly wonder. While other greenling spirits of the human sort have sought their existence’s fortunes on […]

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Umwelt Poems

Reading Time: 7 minutes Umwelt Poems “Should we not learn the lesson that, for example, the woods, which poets praise as the human being’s loveliest abode, is hardly grasped in its true meaning if we relate it only to ourselves?” — Jakob von Uexküll,  The biosemiotic project of articulating structures of sympathy between humans and non-humans is, in some […]

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The Struggles of a Wanna-be Tartuvian Semiotician – Blog entry #38

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Struggles of a Wanna-be Tartuvian Semiotician – Blog entry #38 A Llama Among Alpacas After hours, days, even weeks of hard work, I was waiting with googly eyes in front of my laptop screen for a response about my submitted masterpiece. A beautiful work, enticing and intricately structured. Endearing words were expected, but I […]

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The Biosemiotics of Owning a Cat

Reading Time: 8 minutes By Thorolf Johannes Van Walsum I started to understand cats around seven months ago. It happened in the days immediately prior to leaving Canada for Tartu, Estonia. Up in Ottawa saying goodbye to my friends at home, I was high in a concrete apartment building. Josh and his girlfriend were arguing about expenses. Luna, Josh’s […]

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The Struggles of a Wanna-be Tartuvian Semiotician – Blog entry #46

Reading Time: 5 minutes I always hated roller coasters; I remember kids – schoolmates – being excited about these death machines, but just the thought of being in one made me nauseous. What is the benefit of being tied down into a chair of a train-like vehicle that runs at high speed, throwing your body back and forth, upwards […]

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The Meaning of Christmas

Reading Time: 6 minutes By Thorolf Johannes Van Walsum As I stepped into the room, a wholesome set of eyes swivelled, turned, peered and glimpsed out from their lounging perches amid the chairs and couches. The first material I was impressed with by the December 16th holiday party of philosophers and semioticians was their magnificent collection of held breaths. […]

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Semiotry: The course of semiosis

Reading Time: < 1 minute By Ana Marić I see the glass glass statue on the floor. Glass…fragileness…clarity…art…gorgon’s piece I am taking the statue and smashing it against the wall Shattering…cutting…tearing apart…dent in the wall I notice an ember leaf on the surface of the river Autumn vibes…wind’s hands…the fluent guidance…panta rei Suddenly, a river devoured the leaf and leaf […]

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The struggles of a wanna-be Tartuvian semiotician – Blog entry #5

Reading Time: 4 minutes While finishing my cigarette at 4:00 am in the morning, and getting ready to make another cup of coffee, I was trying to organise my thoughts and figure out a way to structure all my ideas and collected data into a mental model of my thesis. Then suddenly, it hit me! How do I start? […]

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A foray into the world with semioticians and philosophers

Reading Time: 7 minutes By Thorolf Johannes Van Walsum A Foray into the World with Semioticians and Philosophers On October 8th, 2022, students of semiotics and philosophy gathered in front of the Tartu humanities building at 9 am. Roughly. Much to the relief of those who were late (and consternation of those who had run to get there ‘on […]

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