Identiteedi seosed keele ja kuuluvusega: Osa 1. Mitmekeelsus ja identiteet

Reading Time: 5 minutes Tshinar-Kristi Shahmardan Mitmekeelsus Mitmekeelsus ja mitmekeelsuse teema on mulle isiklikult tähtsad, kuna kasvasin mitmekeelses perekonnas ja selle tulemusena olen ka ise mitmekeelne. Tihti kohtab mitmekeelsust just mitmekultuurilise taustaga peredes ning nõnda võib juhtuda, et ühte isikusse või peresse koonduvad eri keeled ja kultuurid. Tänapäeval räägitakse mitmekeelsusest üha rohkem, küllap seetõttu, et mitmekeelseid ja mitmekultuurilisi peresid […]

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Poster Exhibition: A glimpse into student research plans.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Autumn School of Humanities and Arts has always been an excellent platform for students to present their work and gather valuable feedback from their colleagues and attendees. Apart from the oral presentations that take place every year during the two-day conference, another option offered to the participants is to introduce their research with a poster […]

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The “Boswell of biosemiotics”, a conversation with Donald Favareau

Reading Time: 12 minutes “I am interested in human beings, the real people behind science, their friendships, their frustrations, their teachers, and their students. In a certain way I became the ‘Boswell of biosemiotics’: writing down the history, trying to get everything on paper so that it is always there.” “Don”, as his friends call him, is a down-to-earth […]

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Kirjandustudengist semiootikuks ehk kuidas minust sai Hortus Semioticuse sotsiaalmeedia praktikant

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ingrid Udeküll Kui Arno isaga koolimajja jõudis… – ei see on küll vale algus… Ja semiootik ei ole ma ka tegelikult… Minu lugu algab nii: kui teised kõik veel oma suvevaheaja viimaseid päevi nautisid, olid minu päevad täis semiootikat. Üks päev istusin vanematekodus köögilaua taga ja lugesin meile – üks, hiljem vägagi oluliseks muutuv, intrigeeris […]

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Post-internship reflections at Hortus Semiotics Blog

Reading Time: 5 minutes By Tshinar-Kristi Shahmardan Hello there! My name is Tshinar-Kristi Shahmardan, and my journey into the world of semiotics has been as unexpected as it has been fascinating.  My academic journey began in the chaos of the COVID pandemic. Having finished high school during such uncertain times, I plunged into university life, which was as unconventional […]

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Reading Time: 18 minutes This paper aims at providing a critical analysis of the video game “Persona 3”, examining the resemiotization and intersemiotics involved, in order to construct an intricate narrative, and build a new world. The plethora of cultural elements, and mythologies from all around the world, in combination with Carl Jung’s psychoanalytic, and the complex game-play, provide a unique experience for the player that can be perfectly analyzed under the light of semiotics. This video game could work as an example to illustrate and explain different notions of semiotics; beyond that, this dissertation could be the basis of further research that will, hopefully, contribute in the field of Semiotics of Video Games.

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Reflections on three HUMA presentations by an online viewer

Reading Time: 6 minutes Tshinar-Kristi Shahmardan Using Digital Tools to Study Contemporary Sermons – By Riti Ly Lukk  The first presentation I watched was by Riti Ly Lukk, titled “Using Digital Tools to Study Contemporary Sermons“. The author uses a web collection named Corpus for conducting the research, which they refer to as “a convenient tool for research”. The […]

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Variations of an Elephant

Reading Time: 11 minutes Hongjin Song The Theme In China, all pupils will learn this story in their first or second grade in primary school: there was an elephant and a group of blind men. The blind men wanted to know what exactly an elephant was like, so they fumbled the elephant. The one who touched the ivory declared […]

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Making Meaning with Morten and Martin

Reading Time: 16 minutes Interviewed by Thorolf van Walsum Though it is a pattern familiar to all those who have observed the development of many a young man, I account for my interest in Biosemiotics by placing it first in the context of worldly wonder. While other greenling spirits of the human sort have sought their existence’s fortunes on […]

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Digita Pntics: AI Umwelten, Object Ontologies and the Ghost in the Machine

Reading Time: 16 minutes By Rahul Murdeshwar Orcid ID: 0000-0002-3766-6565 The following paper was written for the 2022 Readings of J. v. Uexküll lectures held by Riin Magnus at the University of Tartu. The concept of umwelt, or the subjective world of an individual organism, can also be applied to artificial intelligence (AI). Just as different organisms have unique […]

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