Michele Cerutti

The doctoral students in humanities at the University of Turin invite interested young researches to submit an abstract for the seminar “A Kind of Magic. Interdisciplinary Visions and Insights of Magic”.

The deadline for submitting contributions is extended to the 6th of December, 2023.

The relationship that contemporary cultures have with the magical is complex and contradictory. Nonetheless, it is a constitutive part of their identity, and the aim of our doctoral conference is to highlight this issue by providing space for reflection among researcher in the humanities, aimed at clarifying a notion that is often vague and ill-defined, but fundamental for understanding the present and designing the future.

The form for submitting the abstract and the call for papers can be found in the official site of the conference: www.akindofmagic.unito.it

French and English language call for papers can be found here (scroll down)

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