Signs of Inclusion: Inside a Behemoth’s Centre Internship Journey

Reading Time: 5 minutes Mariia Korniietska MA 2, Dept. of Semiotics 15.03.2024 Signs of Inclusion: Inside a Behemoth’s Centre Internship Journey In my quest for internship opportunities this winter, I stumbled upon an offer from the Behemoth’s Centre (Peemoti keskus) on the Centre for Semiotic Application’s website. I chose to go for it and apply. Little did I know […]

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Popularizing Science: An Interview with Pauline Suzanne Delahaye.

Reading Time: 9 minutes Interviewed by Andrew Mark Creighton Andrew Mark Creighton: I understand that you are greatly involved in popularizing science. So, can you discuss your work, just generally, on this subject Pauline Suzanne Delahaye: I have a page and a channel under the name of the Dendrobate Doctor, and I am part of a collective more focused on the popularization […]

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Christmas, but in June

Reading Time: 6 minutes by Andrea Barone Renolfi We are in Tartu and it’s December. This seems like a simple statement but as someone who hail’s from the southern hemisphere this is no joking matter. If it’s not apparent yet, the combination of Christmas and winter is quite the novel one for me. Up until last year, my christmases […]

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COLLABORATIVE WORKSHOP: Semiotics meets Graphic Design

Reading Time: < 1 minute We invite BA and MA students from the Department of Semiotics to take part in a collaborative workshop where we put the theoretical knowledge of semiotics into practice in a collaborative manner with graphic designers. The workshop will take place: January 29 – February 2, 2024, at the Department of Semiotics. The week-long workshop consists […]

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Poster Exhibition: A glimpse into student research plans.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Autumn School of Humanities and Arts has always been an excellent platform for students to present their work and gather valuable feedback from their colleagues and attendees. Apart from the oral presentations that take place every year during the two-day conference, another option offered to the participants is to introduce their research with a poster […]

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The “Boswell of biosemiotics”, a conversation with Donald Favareau

Reading Time: 12 minutes “I am interested in human beings, the real people behind science, their friendships, their frustrations, their teachers, and their students. In a certain way I became the ‘Boswell of biosemiotics’: writing down the history, trying to get everything on paper so that it is always there.” “Don”, as his friends call him, is a down-to-earth […]

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Sign-Pirates and Liminal Criminals: Semiofest in Porto

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sign-Pirates and Liminal Criminals: Semiofest in Porto Semiofest Porto 2024. 22nd-24th May. By Martin Oja, PhD student of semiotics & manager of the Centre for Semiotic Applications in Tartu University Semiotics have broken out of the walls of the academy halls. Not long ago — just about a decade — the first Semiofest was held. […]

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Identiteedi seosed keele ja kuuluvusega: Osa 1. Mitmekeelsus ja identiteet

Reading Time: 5 minutes Tshinar-Kristi Shahmardan Mitmekeelsus Mitmekeelsus ja mitmekeelsuse teema on mulle isiklikult tähtsad, kuna kasvasin mitmekeelses perekonnas ja selle tulemusena olen ka ise mitmekeelne. Tihti kohtab mitmekeelsust just mitmekultuurilise taustaga peredes ning nõnda võib juhtuda, et ühte isikusse või peresse koonduvad eri keeled ja kultuurid. Tänapäeval räägitakse mitmekeelsusest üha rohkem, küllap seetõttu, et mitmekeelseid ja mitmekultuurilisi peresid […]

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Applying Semiotics in Digital Communication for International Students

Reading Time: 4 minutes By Tatiana Jaramillo When I started the Semiotics Program at the University of Tartu, I had some uncertainties about which courses to enroll during the first semester. I remember having a conversation about this with the Head of Department. Before coming Estonia, I had worked for about 13 years in marketing, communication, and digital strategy. […]

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